Minnesota Transplant celebrates an anniversary

Look what showed up on my Facebook memories this morning: looks like this blog is celebrating its 13th anniversary today.

My first post here occurred Oct. 18, 2008, the day after I started the blog. It did not break ground in a writerly way, but it did establish a place for me to share my creativity every day or, more recently, only occasionally.

I have not been posting regularly. The blog scene has changed a lot in 13 years, and this blog of random musings is nothing special among bloggers. I still enjoy writing even when I’m not being public about it. Lately, I have been concentrating my efforts on another book, one about my father’s adventures as a TV repairman in central Minnesota. Rest assured, you’ll hear more about this book in the future.

This post is No. 2,092, and if you’re a follower, thank you. Thank you for paying attention, for caring about what Minnesota Transplant has to say, for sharing your thoughts, for being present. I appreciate you.

One response to “Minnesota Transplant celebrates an anniversary

  1. Well done! Lots of fun and hard work too. Well worth it.

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