Goodbye Mom & Dad, goodbye summer

Mom & Dad visited this week and that was nice. But in the course of their visit, autumn came.

Last weekend, it was 80 degrees. When I was watching Caswell’s football game on Sunday, I was sweating in my T-shirt and shorts.

Today, I’ve been wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt all day, and me feet are just cold. We’re attempting to refrain from turning on the heat until Nov. 1, so the house is cold. And, Tyler who likes sleeping with the windows open finally closed them only this morning.

Autumn is definitely here in Illinois.

Still, it’s a lot later for autumn to fall than it would have been in Minnesota.

Mom said so herself when we were sitting in the house all day on Wednesday because it was raining and cold.

Mom & Dad took the train here. It’s a 12- to 14-hour ride, but it’s more relaxing than having to drive yourself. We just enjoyed each other’s company, took a few walks around town and did a little shopping in Hampshire (which isn’t saying much).

I don’t like autumn much, and I like winter even less. But, on the bright side, I get to see Mom and Dad again in November.

One response to “Goodbye Mom & Dad, goodbye summer

  1. I think I have this figured out. I tried yesterday (Sunday) but couldn’t figure it out. It was windy yesterday but beautiful today. Bob went fishing (not catching) this morning with Brother Red while I worked at the shop. I came home about 3 after Curves. Murlyn Pudas died on Sunday; his funeral is Thursday. I am to make cupcakes for it.
    Love, Mom

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