Happy birthday, Mr. Spock

How do you feel?

How do you feel?

How do you feel?

I do not understand the question.

~from “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”

I wonder how many times Leonard Nimoy heard “Live long and prosper” today. It’s his birthday. He turned 82.

Being a fan of “Star Trek” (that’s Trekker to the rest of you), I am an admirer of the man who made pointy ears a serious costume. I’ve been impressed with how he molded his career in the years after his iconic role and the ways he used his fame as a foothold to bigger things (he’s a pretty good movie director, for example).

I’ve gotta believe, however, being so closely associated with a singular character must be difficult. He did, after all, write “I Am Not Spock” and then decades later, “I Am Spock” (see? an author, too!). He, above all, can’t escape his alter ego. “Not a day passes that I don’t hear that cool, rational voice commenting on some irrational aspect of the human condition,” he wrote.

In any case, here’s a fan wishing him on his birthday a portion of the joy he’s imparted through the years as an entertainer.

Do you have any message for your mother?

Tell her … I feel fine.

4 responses to “Happy birthday, Mr. Spock

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  2. The thing about Spock was that he was kind of a dummy when it came to humans. Granted he might not relate or appreciate our emotions, but even Earth scientists have been cataloging and analyzing them since the ancients.

    I always wanted to sit him down for a talk. Listen, Spock, it’s really simple. Earthlings are completely logical, it’s just that they use all sorts of non-rational inputs in their logic. Once you understand the inputs, the logic is completely apparent.

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