Pondering the Easter menu

“So, what are you doing for Easter?” my mom asked me today as we were catching up over the phone.

“Nothing. We’re going to church, and then after that, nothing,” I said. “And that’s just fine by me.”

“Us, too,” she said of my father and herself. “Maybe we’ll go out to eat.”

“Not me,” I said. “The crowds are more than I can take on Easter.”

“Oh. Well, I like the buffet at the Pine Cove,” she said.

“Yuck, I hate buffets,” I said. To be fair, the Pine Cove supper club is among the best options for dining out in my hometown (the reception for my first wedding was held there, among the deer-in-the-woods murals and gold lantern lighting), but then it’s competing with Hardee’s.

“Good buffet” is an oxymoron in my mind. Buffets are like casinos — the house always wins. So the promise of “all you can eat” is fulfilled with the cheapest volume possible, usually white in hue. Lots of salt, pasta, bread, potatoes, sugar and chicken fill the sloppy trays at a rousing buffet.

When you’re 16 and bottomless, a buffet is appealing. But when every calorie counts in perimenopause, you’re loathe to waste them on glop flavored with low-common-denominator spices.

I wouldn’t eat at an Old Country Buffet anymore if it were the last restaurant on earth. But you can bet there’d be a line!

So I won’t be enjoying a buffet on Easter Sunday, but I won’t be eating ham either (at least ham isn’t white). If my mother likes a good buffet, my mother-in-law could eat ham three times a day (ham-and-cheese omelet for breakfast, ham salad for lunch, ham sandwich or ham and scalloped potatoes for supper), but I don’t need ham for Easter any more than I need an Easter egg hunt.

So what’s it going to be on Easter? No buffet chicken? No ham? No hard-boiled eggs?

Reece’s Peanut Butter Eggs, anyone?

What’s on your Sunday menu this year?


9 responses to “Pondering the Easter menu

  1. doelitz@mchsi.com

    Among lots of other things: – HAM. – Love, Tilli.

  2. I don’t know if it’s still around, but there was a restaurant called “Le Jardin” at the Westin hotel in New Orleans that served the most amazing champagne brunch buffet I’ve ever seen. No starchy masses on that buffet, it was seriously decadent. THAT would be worth going to.

  3. Had this same “back and forth’ conversation with my husband the other day! I love to go out to eat on Sundays, and especially on major holidays…church, out, home…no dishes to wash!! Amen and Hallelujah!!
    My hubby cooks, so he wanted to stay home…and make ham? No, he wants to make a turkey! I know it seems ungrateful, but really…a turkey for Easter…I’ve never eaten a turkey on Easter! My son agreed, so we’re going to our golf club restaurant…good buffet, but not great…costly, but not waiting in line either…since we’re members and can get a reservation!

    Have a very Blessed and Happy Easter…enjoy whatever it is you’re eating…especially the Reece’s Peanut Butter Eggs!! Yum!!

  4. ahh, come on, Monica, you have to enjoy the egg hunt! Especially the golden egg.

    • I LOVE the Easter egg hunt (and finding the golden egg) when I’m among the hunters. When I’m among the hiders, not so much.

  5. Ended up getting a last-minute Easter dinner invitation to my mother-in-law’s house. Guess what — no ham. She made us beef burgundy and it was delicious!

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