Exercising … my rights

In honor of Election Day tomorrow, I bring you the second post I ever wrote for Minnesora Transplant — six years ago (wow!). I voted early this year; if you haven’t voted, consider doing so. It’s a privilege.

Minnesota Wonderer

On a normal day, I wake up and immediately dress for a workout. Sometimes I run. Sometimes I walk the dog. Sometimes I do yoga in front of the TV.

This morning, instead of getting dressed for exercise, I awakened excited. Today, I got to exercise my American rights. I got to vote for president.

In fact, all three of us got up early to vote; Tyler and I actually cast ballots, Cas observed. I thought it would be a good educational opportunity for Cas to see how the whole voting process works. He will, after all, be 18 the next time the nation votes for president, and he spent as much time as I did watching the presidential debates. What’s better than preparing a child to be a good citizen?

We arrived at the polling place at 6:57 a.m. Cas was the only kid in line, and I was almost…

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