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Learning is the beginning of wealth

Three things I learned today:

1.There are two locations with the address of 214 20th St. North in Birmingham, Ala. The first one the Garmin brought us to was a domicile, not a trendy lunch spot. The Brick & Tin, it turns out, is located in downtown Birmingham, and the purveyors believe “people should know where their food comes from.” We enjoyed both delicious soups of the day: Butternut squash and cauliflower. And I just love a place that serves couscous. Today’s seasonal side was a tasty couscous with roasted squash.

Rustic bouquet by Denise Bann of Green Finch Floral Design2. Brides love rustic arrangements, according to Denise Bann of Green Finch Floral Design in the Nashville area. Before leaving her fine hospitality this morning, she sent us on our way with this cute bouquet to brighten our hotel room tonight. What is “rustic” in flowers? “Tightly packed, fully arranged blooms that are lush, and arranged in a more textured, compact way,” as quoted from an Ashworth Community blog. “Hold on to those mason jars, but instead of having a few stems idly leaning against the side, they will be arranged in abundance.”

If you love this bouquet, pin it on Pinterest and talk up my friend Denise.

3. It’s the season of “yes” at Victoria’s Secret. After racing to a local mall at 8:45 p.m. tonight during the Bears game on Monday Night Football (!) only to find I’d forgotten my coupons (double !!), the Victoria’s Secret associate told me I could return tomorrow and use the coupons even though they expire today. Hey, the coupons are for free underwear! Whew.

A lovely wedding and, we pray, a lovely marriage, too

Went to a lovely wedding today. It had all the elements I appreciate. The bride was beautiful, her dress was impeccable, her hair perfect, her makeup glamorous but not too much, just lovely. The ceremony was meaningful but mercifully short, just lovely. The reception was professional all the way: Tables assigned with table cards, tasteful centerpieces, cake decorated with flowers and rhinestones, just lovely.  The prime rib was delicious. I asked for the “fattiest piece no one else wants,” and someone else in line chuckled, but that’s the piece I got and it was all that, just lovely.

Weddings are nice, but having been married twice, I realize weddings are lovely only for a day. It’s the marriage that requires loveliness. The pastor today had a wonderful line about marriage … that is should be the place to escape “the meanness, the madness, the misery of life.” After the wedding with its ceremony and good hair and handsome tuxedos that are returned the next day, at its best, yes, marriage should be just that, an escape from the meanness and the madness, and when it is, it’s just lovely.