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birth markA few months after I’d met my Beloved when I knew him well enough to know I was sure about my feelings but when I was still caught up in the rush of infatuation, I made him a list of reasons I loved him.

No. 34 was “that cute little birthmark reminds me you were a baby once.”

When I first met him in a coffee shop seven years ago, I noticed he was tall (I was swooning by then). Then I noticed his big, strong hands (yeah, I have a thing about hands). Then I noticed he had gorgeous blue eyes (oh, joy!). And then I noticed the little Gorbachev on top his head. His presence? Imposing. His hands? Like baseball mitts. His eyes? Breathtaking. His birthmark? Cute.

He wore his hair shorter then, so his birthmark was evident. Now it’s often hidden by his curly tresses. But I know it’s there.

Technically, it’s called a hemangioma which is an abnormally dense group of blood vessels. According to the Mayo Clinic, cause is unknown though it may be hereditary. The old wives’ tale I’d heard said such birthmarks are caused by how a baby rests inside the womb, which is why my Beloved’s reminds me he was a baby once.

Whatever the cause, I think his little purple blotch is distinctive and adorable. Just like him.