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766 text messages in 15 days

Feb. 2, 1981

Dear Diary,

On Friday, I got a note from Brent. He signed it, “Love, Brent.” I was so glad. Then today, I asked him what he wanted for Valentine’s Day. He said he didn’t know. I think I might get him some candy, but I don’t know. I promised Rick some chocolate-covered cherries so I must get him some of those.

This is an actual entry from my diary when I was in eighth grade. Ah, to be young again. Whatever shall I buy for Valentine’s Day to give to the boy who signed his note “love”?

Isn’t “love” the same for today’s eighth graders? “Does he like me?” “Do I like him?” Or is it hairy and guilty and filled with visions I would rather not have about my eighth-grade stepson? I’m going to hope there’s some innocence yet. Of course, I know boy-girl relationships aren’t like they were 28 years ago (Oh my god! Did I really have to do the math? Gah!). For one thing, today’s love notes are electronic.

From about 3 p.m. until the end of the Superbowl yesterday, my stepson was quite distracted with his cell phone. Seems he was sending and receiving a lot of text messages. From a girl. Exchanging a lot of text messages from a girl would be new thing for him.

How many is a lot? Well, I was concerned our cell plan didn’t cover that many text messages, so Tyler looked into it today. A total of 766 text messages have been sent or received from my stepson’s cell phone in the past 15 days.

Well, that’s well shy of the 14,528 text messages Reina Hardesty, 13, sent or received in December, according to news reports, but it’s still a lot of text messages. About $51 worth of text messages, without any sign of him letting up.

Thank goodness, Tyler changed our cell plan, so now the sender/recipient of all the text messages will have to fork out $30 a month from his allowance to pay for unlimited texts.

Here’s hoping they’re discussing whatever in the world they shall exchange for Valentine’s Day. And let’s hope it’s something like candy.