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Letters in the wind(ow)


The most amazing window display caught my eye last week when I was in downtown Chicago visiting a client.

Someone upcycled pages from books into blossoms. Letters became art, art as commerce.

The display drew me into Greer, a pretty like stationery store where I spent $40 on beautiful notes and cards and papers. If I like someone very much, I may actually work up the strength to send them.


How to write a thank you note for graduation gifts

One of the most useful tips for writing thank you notes is also the most welcome: Keep it short.

No need to write a letter, address the weather or express interest in your recipient’s life if you don’t care to — just say thanks. Being specific is great, but better to mention the gift and thank your benefactor for the thought behind it.

It’s the time of year for graduation gifts, and I’m the nag behind my Adored stepson’s thank-you notes (or perhaps, lack thereof — time will tell). If you’re among his generation trolling the internet looking for a gratitude template for graduation cash, try this:

Dear [name — a person’s name is music to one’s ears],

You were so thoughtful and kind to remember me on my graduation. Thanks for the cash. I promise I will spend it well, perhaps on [be specific — “pizzas at school next fall,” “fixing up my car,” “clothes for college”]. I appreciate it and you.


[your name]