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Can I get a vase with that?

One of the “perfect gifts” I received for Christmas got the finishing touch today.

It was a perfect gift because my mother-in-law had been observant and was thinking of me when she selected it: Bookends that match my new office colors perfectly.


Regular readers will remember I painted the walls of my office golden and I repainted a credenza in burnt orange, aqua and off-white, and that’s exactly the colors of these bookends, which look beautiful in my the new bookshelves in my office.

Cleverly, the ceramic bookends look like books. Even better, they’re also flower vases (watertight, I’m told, if I choose to put live flowers in them).

I chose silk flowers, and planted them today.

bookshelf after

If that doesn’t remind you that spring is color, nothing will. Love it!

“With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?”

~ Oscar Wilde


Martha Stewart moment courtesy Pinterest

Pinterest is the next best thing to a professional party planner.

My Beloved and his brother hosted a party for their mother’s 70th birthday today, and thanks to Pinterest, our setting was picture perfect.

Upon encouragement from my Dear stepdaughter, we trolled Pinterest for ideas to decorate the afternoon soirée  at a golf club. I typed phrases like “Tiffany blue,” “cheap decorations” and “purple birthday” to add pins to my Birthday Party Decorations board, and I referred to my board (and referred other to it) multiple times in the prep phase.

Party Table DecorationsI made these tissue-paper-and-tulle flowers to decorate the tables, thanks to the tutorial I found here, which I found thanks to Pinterest (easy elegance).

Party Table AnchorsThese mason jar displays for vintage photos came about thanks to images like this pin (the confetti inside this jar above is the recycled trash from the tissue-paper flowers).

Party Card KeeperAnd my future sister-in-law created this beautiful greeting card receptacle with inspiration like this.

A party planner I am not, but the party was a success, I think. Who wouldn’t be happy to have 50+ people sing happy birthday to you and share a piece of cake on your birthday?

Happy birthday, dear mother-in-law, happy birthday to you!

Aw, fishing season ends

Today is the last day of the season to legally fish for walleye, sauger and northern pike in Minnesota. For two and half months, anglers can only dream of dropping a line in a lake with hopes of pulling in the big one.

I don’t fish, and I don’t want to, though I am related to a lot of people who do fish and who enjoy it very much. It’s a very Minnesota thing to do, enjoying the outdoors, eating from the abundance of the land and so forth and so on (I don’t really know the lure … get it? lure? … but this is what I hear). Entire industries are built on this hobby … um … skill? Avocation? Whatever. Let’s just say it’s pretty important to a lot of people.

And those who are good at it have a lot of stuffed fish on their walls (hanging next to stuffed deer heads).

To be honest, I just can’t appreciate a well-stuffed fish unless it’s skinned, steaming hot and stuffed with cheesy crab filling.

But I saw this fabulous trophy fish display in the airport at Miami last fall, and to soothe all those avid fishermen who will be suffering from withdrawal over the next 10 weeks, I challenge you to catch multiple prized walleye (walleyes?) and display them thusly:

Wall at Miami International Airport

Can’t quite see that? Here’s a close-up to show your taxidermist:

Can you catch SIX of them?