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Shower grime: The bain, or bane, of my existence

What is it about shower floors?


Shower floors and bathtub bottoms are flooded with soap and water every day. Shouldn’t they stay clean?

What is up with that film of dirt on my shower floor? And that … ugh … mold growing down there. Come on. Why do I have scrub my shower floor?

My toilet, I get that. A sink, understood. The kitchen floor — sure, soap and water are rare finds on my kitchen floors. Scrubbing might occasionally be necessary. But my shower?

When I was in college, I remember when my boyfriend (who eventually became my fiance, then my husband, now my ex-husband) and his three college buddies moved out of an apartment they shared. To reclaim the damage deposit, everything — including the bottom of the tub — had to be cleaned. The dirty black film on the bottom of that tub was so inveterate, it was impossible to scrub clean. They tried everything and finally, someone made progress with a sharp-edged implement of some sort. Eventually, one of the roommates had scraped away enough dirt to reveal a message:

“Bite Me!”

They didn’t get their damage deposit back.

OK, so I understand how a college shower used by four generally untidy college-age men can get so dirty over the course of a school year. But my shower? Used possibly every other day by me and my fastidious husband? We work white-collar jobs, for goodness sake.

OK, well, it’s not so dirty you can scrape “Bite Me” in the grime, but it needs attention. And I guess by “attention” I mean more than a shampoo rinse.

Any ideas? Brand names and explicit tool descriptions will be gratefully accepted. Actual elbow grease in the cleaning process would be bonus.