Lake home decorating

When my Beloved and I renovated an old church into a house, I created a design template for us to use as we made decorating decisions so the end result would be cohesive.

It worked so well, I created one to use in decorating our new condo, too. (The marketing materials for this place call it a hilltop villa. “Hilltop villa” rings of sophistication and sounds like it belongs in Fiji or Italy, no? Our “hilltop villa” is indeed on a hilltop, but it’s in Texas, where words like “sophistication” carry different images).

Our theme was “lake home” decorated in “modern country.” I grew up in the land of 10,000 lakes—I should be able to pull off “lake home.” All color roads in our design theme led to blue (or blue-green) like water. This narrowed our wall art choices from millions down to thousands.

Shall we have a look around?


Earlier this month, I shared an image of the living room oriented the other direction because we didn’t have our sofa yet. Well, it arrived a week ago, and it’s great for napping. Above it, we hung an abstract oil painting of a lake that I found at a consignment store. Between the art and the rug and the furniture, this room screams sand and water and sky.

Each bedroom has a different Austin, Texas-y theme.

art-king bedroom

In the first guest room, we went with a more literal lake. Tyler found this five-panel art work on Amazon.

art-king lamp

We chose a lampshade for this room that was vaguely nautical. TE broken porcelain lamp base reminds me of broken shells.


In third bedroom, the them is “Austin music scene,” still relying on a color story of blues. I found the guitar wall art on Wayfair. The clock on the other wall is actually a painted record album (remember those). We have grand plans to turn a couple of old bugles into lamps, but we haven’t accomplished that feat yet. This room is also my office; the bed is actually a murphy bed that folds up and out of the way.

art-office as office

Here’s how the room looks when the bed is folded up and I’m working in it (the living room wall art happens to be propped in my office in this photo, but it was temporary).

The room I’m most pleased with is the master bedroom, decorated in a Texas wine country theme.

art-master bed

Many wine themed items are red and purple, which didn’t fit with my color story. But I found the “Valentino” art for $6 at Goodwill so I made a canvas print to pair with it with an image I found on Shutterstock. Wine in a field of Texas bluebonnets—perfect! We found lampshades with French words on them (which is not Texas, but is sort of wine related). Check out those nightstands—furniture made with wine barrels!


Found at the same vendor, the circular wall art on the other wall is actually the top of a wine barrel, painted with an image of a vineyard that coordinates nicely with the bluebonnets.

art-toilet shelf

Also at the wine barrel furniture store, we found this shelving unit made from a barrel for above the toilet in the master bath. It’s very heavy, but if you know how my Beloved operates, you know it’ll never come down.

Art-wine chair

Coincidentally, Tyler found the perfect accent piece in the trash last week. Someone didn’t like this rusty old chair, but you know we love spray paint so the rust when bye-bye, and we have a place to take off our shoes in our bedroom.

Stay tuned. On Thursday, I’ll share a couple of other paint projects in the condo I pulled off recently.


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