My top 2 coping strategies

Two methods I’ve been using to tamp down anxiety as I endure this strange new world: less news and more yoga.

As a former newspaper reporter, I’m addicted to news. I’m interested in the information itself but I’m also paying attention to how it’s delivered. I subscribe to two newspapers, I watch morning news shows and the evening news, and I used to listen to National Public Radio all day long.

Recently, I’ve limited my time with the morning news and I’ve ixnayed public radio. The constant parade of bad news was no longer interesting in a detached way just disturbing in a personal way.

Also helpful, yoga. I committed to regular yoga as a physical imperative about a year and a half ago. Running was becoming too hard on my feet, and yoga helps me sleep and keeps me strong (or at least, it prevents me from getting weaker). So even though I can’t participate in live yoga classes while we’re all staying at home, I’m committed to doing yoga by video on the deck every other morning.


Nothing beats beach yoga. Can you pick me out?

The first few mornings, I shook sand off my yoga mat which I had stored in the camper after doing beach yoga on Venice Beach in Florida this past November. Beach yoga is the best form of sun worship. If ever you have the opportunity, try it. And if you’re living on a warm beach now, well, you’re set. The sand is forgiving, the waves are mesmerizing and the wide open sky is welcoming.

I don’t have a beach option right now so I’m doing yoga on the deck of our condo, which overlooks a lake. I try to get out there before the sun rises so I can watch how dawn changes the landscape. Very few things are as reassuring in an apocalyptic situation as seeing the sun rise again.

Here are three places to find free yoga videos for all experience levels:

  • FitOn: Download this app on your phone or tablet for hundreds of workouts, categorized by workout type. Besides yoga, there are cardo and weight-training videos of all types, plus guided meditation offerings.
  • Yoga With Adriene: Adriene’s free workouts are great but the best thing about her might be her voice. Smooth and soothing. And she’s from Austin!
  • YouTube: Search “yoga” on YouTube, and you’ll find thousands of options.

Wishing you peace. Namaste.

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