This app makes a game out of what to wear

If ever there was a first-world problem, it would having so many pieces of clothing in your closet, you don’t even know all you own.

IMG_2952That’s where an app like Stylebook comes in.

Stylebook is the ultimate closet assistant, helping you inventory your clothing, track your outfits and make packing lists.

I downloaded Stylebook in December, and I have been keeping track of what I wear every day since New Year’s. To do this, I’ve been forced to inventory every top, every pair of pants, every pair of shoes, every accessory. I’ve done it a little at a time, each day, and it’s like a game for me now.

If you’re a clothes horse like me, you’ll love it, too. You can see how often you wear a particular piece of clothing which is especially helpful is you find yourself wearing the same thing over and over. Last year at this time, I was wearing the same sweatshirt, same jeans and same work boots every day as we worked on making an old church into our home, but this year, with my new closet putting all my clothes that were in storage on full display, I’m inspired to wear something different every day of the month.

Here’s how April looks for me:


I can drill down to each individual day and take notes, which help me avoid wearing the same outfit out to dinner or to church, for example. Here’s a look at today:


Among the really useful features:

  • Inventory by item type: Having an inventory of what I own right on my phone helps when I’m shopping. No more buying another pink blouse or black camisole, because I can see instantly what I already own. And I can see what shoes I have that might coordinate with the dress I’m considering. I can also see that if I want to upgrade, I maybe should give away my old navy suit jacket because I don’t really need two of them.
  • Packing lists: I can design each day’s look in advance, add the look to a packing list, and then see all the pieces I need to pack. I used to do this by hand drawing pictures of outfits for each day of a trip. Now it’s automated.
  • Item value: By tracking the cost of an item and how often it’s worn, I can see instantly the cost-per-wear, which helps me determine belts have a lot more value than fancy dresses. (It also shows I have a lot of money invested in clothes but, hey, there are worse addictions.)
  • Outfit Shuffle™: This function is awesome! I can choose any piece of clothing I already own, add a few other categories, and the app produces 10 ideas for outfits. Some of them are terrible, but it’s come up with some creative ideas I wouldn’t have considered without it.

I invested $3.99 to download Stylebook, which is $3.99 more than I usually spend, but it was worth every penny and more. If you like clothes and fashion, you might think so, too.



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