Grand Tetons are mountain fresh

Have you ever purchased laundry detergent or air freshener that purports to smell “mountain fresh”?

Having grown up in a state where Inspiration Peak was a high point (1,750 feet above sea level, if you’re counting), I’m a sucker for that scent. Some ephemeral combination of pine, snow melt and wild flowers with a hint of loamy soil, “mountain fresh” is the definition of fresh in an exotic way to me.

When I get to smell mountain fresh in a real and natural way, I experience a little bit of paradise. That’s how most of Grand Tetons National Park smells.


My Beloved and I got to appreciate the park earlier this month in conjunction with a visited to Yellowstone National Park, which lies just north in the northwestern corner of Wyoming. I spied these wild flowers when I strayed from the walkway; the Grand Tetons peaks are in the background.

teton other side

Looking the opposite direction from the majestic mountains, this is the view at the top of Signal Mountain Summit Road in the park. Signal Mountain is 7,720 feet above sea level. As impressive the view, it’s more than 6,000 feet short of the highest point in the Grand Tetons.

Unlike the top of Grand Teton, this stop at the top of Signal Mountain is drivable. As lovely as it smells and as expansive as the view, it was the kind of mountaintop quiet where the only sound is the breeze and the flowers blooming in the sunshine.


One response to “Grand Tetons are mountain fresh

  1. The Grand Tetons hold a special magic for me. My dad attempted to climb them before he was anybody’s dad and his stories always left me feeling like they were the height of mysticism.

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