Morticia Addams in a prom dress

Can you be too comfortable?

“We as a species demand comfort,” writes memoirist Krista Schlyer in Almost Anywhere: Road Trip Ruminations on Love, Nature, National Parks & Nonsense (reviewed here recently on my author blog). “Alone among the earth’s creatures, we do not adapt to the Earth’s seasons of spare and plenty, heat and cold.”

Brrr. Cold.

Schlyer made these remarks in chapter of her book on the desert, as she discussed the marvels of the creosote bush, which she describes as one of the drought-tolerant plants in North America, known to be able to live a year or two without rain.

A year without rain. Or two!

This year, however, in the luxury of El Nino, the desert of the southwest is getting rain (not like New York is getting snow, but you get my point), and pictures of the creosote bush show blossoms!

morticia at prom

The branches of a creosote bush are spindly gray things, sort of prehistoric looking. But its blossoms are beautiful. The juxtaposition is sort of like Morticia Addams in a prom dress.

Does growth require pain? Do we need to get fired, get divorced or get sick before we turn things around? Are droughts necessary to inspire blossoms?

I hope not. Who hopes for discomfort? The creosote doesn’t grow because of drought. It survives through drought, it carries on because it has to. The blossoms come when the rain does. When things aren’t so hard.

So when you’re feeling a little uncomfortable — hungry, thirsty, maybe too cold? — when you’re struggling, think of the creosote. Persevere. But when you’re comfortable? That’s when you bloom.


2 responses to “Morticia Addams in a prom dress

  1. Lovely thought 🙂 Oh and Morticia in Prom dress? That’s the most creative analogy I have seen 😀

    • Thanks for the kind thought! (I was so pleased with the analogy, I put it in the headline. Thanks for noticing aloud!)

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