When there’s nothing left to do, be grateful

I’d like to think I’m not a worrier. That I can compartmentalize my emotions enough so that disturbing and frustrating events don’t permeate my consciousness to the point of distraction. That I can use prayer enough to let go of events I can’t control so I can continue to enjoy the rest of my life. That I can accept the imperfection that is life and be OK with it.

But the truth is, I can’t.

I know my methods are lacking when I find myself awake in the middle of the night compulsively imagining possible scenarios and how I will victoriously prevail.

And then there are those things I worry about that miraculously resolve themselves. The worst-case scenario never happens, I never get to deliver my witty comeback, I no longer have to imagine how I would escape danger. The Big, Bad, Terrible Thing evaporates like so much steam from my coffee cup.

That happened recently. The Horrible Situation I have been wringing my hands about for five years simply ended. Poof. No more Big Problem. All that worry? Completely unnecessary.

And now I’m thinking: What should I worry about now?

Huh, what?!

Yeah, how ridiculous is that? The thing I was worrying about before didn’t happen, and now I’m thinking I should worry about something else.


I wish I could use logic to refute my stupid subconscious, beat my worrying self back into dreamless submission. Because I have no choice but to keep trying, I shall try attempt this approach by thinking positively, counting my blessings:

  • What a pleasant weekend with my stepson and his girlfriend!
  • Wished my best friend a happy birthday and enjoyed a great conversation with her.
  • My refrigerator is so packed with groceries, I won’t have to go shopping ’til at least next month.
  • Almost finished with a huge, time-consuming DIY project that I can’t wait to show you (coming soon!).
  • It’s Sunday, and a whole week of potential awaits.

Take that, illogical subconscious!

2 responses to “When there’s nothing left to do, be grateful

  1. Man Monica, I could have written that myself! Maybe not as eloquently though. Why do we as humans torture ourselves like that. You mention grateful, I have a post it note in my car that says, “What are you grateful for?” to remind me that there are bigger, more important things in life than those filling my worrisome mind….Too funny that we think alike! Rick

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