Enjoying the great outdoors … while we can

We dined al fresco this evening, and we counted ourselves lucky (I enjoyed a Chicago-style hotdog, complete with sport peppers, because it seemed like a warm weather menu choice).

It reminded me to be thankful for all things, even global warming. Which brings to mind this post from 2010…

If this is what global warming brings to the party, Midwesterners should be celebrating

Global warming isn’t all that bad. If you live in Illinois. Or Minnesota. Or anywhere else considered close to the center of a continent. 

The media make global warming seem like, well, the end of planet Earth. Some of that is just that bad news attracts more readers and viewers than good news, but think about it: Where do a lot of reporters, media moguls, movie producers and internet workers live? The coasts.

What areas of the country (and world) are experiencing the worst effects of global warming? The coasts.

When glaciers melt and water levels rise, folks on the coasts will lose their homes and property. When hurricanes hit, folks on the coasts suffer the consequences. When polar bears go extinct … well, I don’t know if even folks on the coasts care. Lots of creatures that once existed no longer walk the earth — dinosaurs, woolly mammoths and a lot of bugs. Frankly, I’m glad they’re not around anymore, and I really have no interest in meeting a polar bear in my back yard either. You’re big and beautiful, Mr. Bear, but good riddance.

What’s the downside of global warming for us Midwesterners?

Click here to read more.

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