Misty morning

This morning’s run inspired a question: What’s the difference between fog and mist?

I decided as I was pounding along the otherwise deserted bike path that fog dwells and mist rises. A check with Google when I returned from my run revealed the greatest difference between the two is density: Fog is more dense. So I’m probably right — “heavy” fog hangs around while mist drifts ethereally away.

I commenced my run about 45 minutes after sunrise. I noticed the mist as it was evaporating from a wooden fence in the warm sunshine. The sky was cloudless, and since we haven’t had a frost yet, leaves still hang on the trees instead of in the street gutters. But they’re various shades of green and red and orange, so when they catch the light, they’re breathtaking.

misty morning

But what really made me stop — literally stop and circle back — was how the pink heads on this ornamental grass (center of the picture) practically glowed in the sun. You can see the mist hanging over the horizon.

I’m not a big fan of autumn because I’m constantly reminded that everything on the landscape is dying, but I love early runs like this morning’s because every horizon, every shadow, every blade of grass has potential.

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