A movie worth seeing, even if you’re not into highly dangerous space travel

The protagonist in The Martian — the guy who survives against all odds for a year and a half on an isolated barren plant — is admirable and highly worthy of emulation.

But he is so not me.

I would cry my eyes out, lie down and give up.

Whenever I get caught up in a conversation with someone about doomsday and my survival comes down to protecting my tuna cans and bottled water in an armed battle against a marauding horde, it’s my Beloved who is aiming between the eyes. I’m the one huddled in the closet, crying while the zombies climb over the fence.

I guess I’m too willing to go with the flow, and when the flow is running uphill, I throw up my hands.

So if it was me trapped in a no-win scenario, I’d be the expendable red shirt in the Star Trek episode where someone dies before the opening credits.

However, Matt Damon as the never-say-die astronaut in The Martian is highly entertaining, and the movie was riveting for nearly three hours. 

Even if I can’t relate.

So count this as another endorsement for the movie. And maybe even worth springing for the 3D upgrade.

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