Ah, the lure of restful slumber

Good sleep is a better blessing than almost anything else. A full stomach? Yes, good food is wonderful, especially when enjoyed with good friends. To be loved. Ah, the world would be lost for want of that. But one sleeps away one third of life. Poor sleep or not enough of it interferes with happy digestion and satisfactory relationships.

So to find the perfect place to lay one’s head for deep, dreamless sleep, that is better than a fine steak or a tantalizing kiss. I have found such a bed.

But I am away from it just now, and thinking of returning to it tempts me to chuck the rest of my road trip, just for a few extra nights of perfect slumber. Perhaps that is the definition of success — being able to afford a better bed for every night than one can enjoy when one’s on vacation.

For now, I will settle for something else.

A nap.


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