Soup for you

September — even when she’s warm and pleasant — means soup to the Minnesota native in me, so today I thawed the chicken stock taking up space in my freezer and made my version of Lentil Barley Soup, originally shared here about a year ago.

It’s classic comfort food that’s good for you, too (and, I maintain in my latest book, has age-defying properties).

Here’s a tip though: Stick with red lentils. I was short by about a half cup and supplemented with split yellow peas, which maintained too much of their tooth for my taste.

On the menu this week: Chili and some sort of noodley thing using up the ham hock in my freezer. Keep calm and make soup.

3 responses to “Soup for you

  1. LOVE noodles boiled in broth! And lentils. ANd all soup. To bad in the Deep South it’s a tad too warm for Souptember. 😦

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