Happy campers might appreciate a little history lesson near Elkhart, Indiana

Next time they’re traveling I-80 in Indiana, camping fans need to make a pit stop at the RV/Motor Home Hall of Fame.

RV.Motor Home Hall of Fame

Yeah, I thought there was nothing to see between Chicago and Toledo either. Wrong! This well-appointed museum dedicated to preserving the history and honoring the pioneers of the recreational vehicle industry is quite interesting. Especially if you’re my Beloved. Who, if you toured the museum with him ,would have given you the opportunity to hear the phrase, “hey, I owned one like that!” at least six times.

The museum is filled with full-sized campers of every size from nearly every year in the history of camping: pop-ups, pull-behinds, coaches, trailers and more including a Model T with a “telescopic apartment” and Mae West’s Chevrolet house car. Museum goers can explore inside most of them.

We laughed our heads off when we came across a 1985 Pace Arrow that looked eerily familiar:

It was a slightly more modern clone of the 1983 Pace Arrow motor home we were using as recently as 2014. We sold that beauty — a classic, apparently — to a neighbor with three kids who’s already ventured to the Black Hills and elsewhere in it. Made to last, that’s for sure.

There is also a hall dedicated to modern RVs and motor homes (if you’re in the market for such things). Admission to the Hall of Fame is $10 each and worth every penny.

One response to “Happy campers might appreciate a little history lesson near Elkhart, Indiana

  1. Did you know your Grandpa Kulland built his own RV? It looked like a sheep herder’s wagon and we actually saw one like it in Dickinson (don’t know if it was still in use though). Dad used it when he was selling magazines in Montana/Wyoming before I was born.

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