A recipe for the grill this weekend

Dads are great for many things, but they might be best when there’s a spatula involved.

Why? Dads aren’t experimental cooks. When they’re making a meal, they’re relying on tried and true ingredients and techniques.

Hungry for breakfast on your camping trip? My dad makes the best fried eggs and bacon on the planet. No kidding. (I wax nostalgic for Dad’s eggs here.)

You gotta trust Dad’s instincts when it comes to cooking. So when Dad suggested a recipe for Beer Bottle Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Buffalo Burgers, I was all, “You had me at bacon.”

Even better? He provided the ground buffalo burger.

buffalo on the grill

So I made these meaty delights earlier this week, and I think you need to make them, too. Like right now. They are tasty! Why? Well, there’s bacon. But the Caramelized Vegetable and Mozzarella Stuffing is to die for! Butter? Yup. Onion and mushrooms sautéd low and slow for a half hour? Yup. Sun-dried tomatoes? Of course! And I, being without mozzarella, used a combination of smoked gouda, parmesan and swiss cheese to magnificent results.

Don’t be sloppy — follow the directions (although I’m sure you could substitute lean ground beef for the ground buffalo). You won’t be sorry.

stuffed buffalo burgers

I served my juicy buffalo cups with a green salad — literally, green — based on Martha Stewart’s Edamame and Mint Salad (I used fresh basil instead of mint and I added a balsamic dressing and roasted pumpkin seeds).

Make it this weekend. You won’t be sorry.

Thanks, Dad! Great idea!


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