What a beach read represents

Copacetic is a great word. It means in excellent order. I use it when the boat of life is even keel. No waves. No storms. No holes in the hull.

Things are copacetic right now. The boat is floating along the river, and I’m admiring the view. Or trying to.

My Type A personality doesn’t always jibe with copacetic. I used to work in a newspaper newsroom where half the people were yelling into the phone and the other half were on deadline. And sometimes both. Constant crisis. I enjoyed it. I’m able to focus better and remain calm when craziness reigns. Time flies when work is like that.

But when I dream of time off, I dream of afternoon coffees and books. Lots of books. And reading a book is most enjoyable when there are no waves or deadlines. It’s summertime, my goodness, when the living is easy! Why do book lovers talk about beach reads? There are waves, yes, but no deadlines on the beach. Ah, relax.

A trip is coming up, and I dug up eight — yes, eight! — books I need to take with me (shh, don’t tell my Beloved —  he says my books add unnecessary weight to the camper). Life is copacetic, and I’m going to enjoy reading some books.

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