Where the sidewalk ends

Times, they are a changin’. I’m reblogging this post from 2010 in which I lament the sorry state of the housing development east of my home. It’s still as great a place to run as it was five years ago because there is next to no traffic, but slowly, slowly, I’m beginning to see activity. The condos which have stood empty since the day I moved here eight years ago have gotten new landscaping recently. A dash closer to home in the subdivision that would be considered mine, at least three new houses have been built in the past six months and I spied foundations for two more. So maybe there’s hope for the housing market here after all.

Minnesota Wonderer

Theoretically, it’s better for your joints to run on the ground than to run on the street. And theoretically, concrete is the worst.

But still, when there’s a sidewalk around, that’s what I’m running on. It’s usually flatter than both the ground and the road, and I’m not exactly sure-footed.

Today, I ran on a number of brand new sidewalks. They’re so brand new, I could be the very first person to traverse them.

Sadly, I might be the only person to set foot on them anytime soon.

See, there’s this lonely housing development to the east of ours. It’s a testament to the sorry state of U.S. housing industry. The whole thing was obviously planned when the economy was flush. Between the developer and the village, they agreed to install blocks and blocks of beautifully paved streets, curb and gutter, sidewalks and street lights — wonderous things just waiting for…

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