My hair stylist shampoos with efficiency and care. She’s awesome, and I told her so today.

The guy teaching the insurance ethics class today gave some useful tips I can use when I’m writing my Beloved’s quarterly insurance newsletter later this week. I imagine the poor guy teaching this mandatory class doesn’t get a lot of kudos, so I made a point to tell him I appreciated his content.

The woman who works with my husband (and deftly performs a lot of Superwoman feats in his office) is supremely competent. I value competence, so I told her so.

As I was brushing my teeth this morning and looking out over my back yard, I thought myself so clever for writing a post called “Flutter” on Sunday and one titled “Floater” on Monday. I toyed with what I might post about “Flatter” today. A flat bread recipe? A picture of the acres of corn fields surrounding my little town of residence? A rant about a fizzle-free beverage?

Then –clever me — I realized “flatter” could be a verb as well as an adjective.

And here we are. Out of sensical vowels between “fl” and “t.” Flittered away.

Make that frittered.

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