Best piece of advice I’ve heard in, like, five years:

“Flutter on the wings of a butterfly.”

Meaning, you can’t control most things in life anyway so go with the flow.

I remember adopting this attitude nine years ago when I left my first husband and began dating the man who would become my Beloved. I loved that fearless, bring-it-on perspective, and when I heard the flutter-butterfly line this morning, I thought, “Yeah, let go of the control freak. Be one with the chaos.”

To be clear, my life right now is in a big comfortable rut — no divorce, no multi-state move, no career change, no health challenge — but going with the flow means gliding with the lulls and appreciating the quiet, too.

The early evening light is finally beginning to feel like summer. The sun even poked out from behind the clouds today. Memorial Day weekend is a week away.

May the butterflies alight on summer’s flowers.

One response to “Flutter

  1. Indeed.. just be in the moment. 😉

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