Take me back

Recent events evoked vivid memories.

A visit to the Hofbrauhas restaurant reminded me of many great meals I enjoyed while visiting Munich for business a decade ago. I traveled with a woman of good taste who patiently translated many German menus for me. I still remember my shock at learning steak tartare was raw hamburger.

The opportunity to see The Who in concert (yes, they’re still around and still performing “Who Are You?”) evoked memories of my first concert (not rock, exactly, but more like a rock concert than, say, a band concert). By virtue of my job as entertainment reporter for the Middletown Journal in 1993, I enjoyed complementary tickets to an M.C. Hammer concert which was more parachute pants and dancing than rapping: “Hammer Time.”

My Beloved bought me a pint of Rum Raisin Haagen-Dazs ice cream, and I instantly thought of my mother’s sour cream raisin pie, which I haven’t eaten in decades. Do you still make meringue, Mom?

2 responses to “Take me back

  1. Occasionally I do still make meringue but have never quite figured out how to make it so it doesn’t “weep” over time. It is really time to make a rhubarb cream pie–maybe next week!

  2. First concert was The Who? That’s awesome. Pretty sure mine was Reba Macintyre (sp?) 😉

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