Story cleverly reveals some of the secrets we keep

Let’s not kid ourselves here. I picked up The Husband’s Secret because I wrote a memoir about my husband’s secret. I had to know author Liane Moriarty’s fictional concept for a world-turned-upside-down secret (and I was thrilled to find a copy for a buck at the library book sale).

Well, I can’t tell you what the husband’s secret is without spoiling for it you but let’s just say, the husband in Moriarty’s tale is not a sex offender (although, interestingly, when the wife is mentally trying to guess what in the world her husband is keeping from her, she toys with ideas that he’s having an affair, gay or, yup, attracted to young girls).

The Husbands SecretThe Husband’s Secret is set in Australia, and it’s the story not only of the secret-keeping husband and his wife but of another couple in the middle of a relationship-changing revelation and an older lady trying very hard to keep it together despite witnessing her world falling apart.

I loved how Moriarty described what was going on in the minds of women (she did a poor job of describing what was going on inside the male characters’ heads but then how much could there be? I kid!). One woman is a successful Tupperware saleswoman; as a former direct selling executive, I found her characterization to ring true.

This book is a talker (I can imagine a great book club conversation). I spent a lot of time discussing with my husband what we’d do if we discovered our spouse was keeping a similar secret. The plot wrapped up a little too neatly, but this is fiction, after all. I liked it.


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