A rare name for a rare woman: My mother

In honor of my dear mother, who celebrates her birthday today, I am reblogging this post I wrote for her three years ago. Happy birthday, Mom!

Minnesota Wonderer

My cherished mother turns 71 today. Happy birthday, dear Mother! How I adore you.

She is the best mother on the planet, at least for me. She loves me no matter what and that’s just what a flawed, struggling middle-aged woman like me needs some days.

She is an interesting person in her 70s, but in honor of her birthday today, let’s turn to her early years.

She was born Karen Meleese in 1941 in western North Dakota. You can see by this picture, presumably taken on the farm where she lived, how flat the landscape was.

“Karen” was the 19th most popular girl’s name in America that year, according to the Social Security Administration. It’s her unique middle name, “Meleese,” that fascinates me. Both my sister and I have talked about using that name for a daughter but, alas, I did not bear children and my sister delivered only…

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One response to “A rare name for a rare woman: My mother

  1. Well done three years ago and today! You are indeed a writer!

    Uncle Lee

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