Holy Cow, that was a fun book

In fairy tales, queens consult magic mirrors and beans grow giant bean stalks. If you can swallow those sort of ridiculous plot twists, you can appreciate a cow who writes a memoir, a pig who gets circumcised and a turkey who flies planes in David Duchovny’s Holy Cow, a modern-day dairy tale.

Holy CowI picked up with book for two reasons. A. David Duchovny is the handsome leading man of “X Files” fame. And B. My PopSugar 2015 Reading Challenge called for reading a book with nonhuman characters.

Holy Cow is the story of Elsie the cow who embarks on a great odyssey when she catches a glimpse of an “industrial meat farm” on the farmer’s “Box God” (aka TV). Her journey with Shalom the pig and a turkey who uses Google maps on a stolen cell phone is a surreal page turner.

I found the book the be a fun romp through the cow pasture, but I noticed some reviewers found a few cow pies. Twice, Duchovny crosses the “let’s all get along” line when he gets all PETA on readers by chastising meat eaters and then he preaches peace by taking on the haters in the Middle East.

Here’s the deal: I’m a meat eater, and I still appreciated the anthropomorphism of a cow. And I’ve gotta believe at least some residents of the Middle East want peace.

More than plot, literary sticklers will cringe at the puns and tired metaphors. I found them funny. Duchovny is surprising and clever. While Holy Cow is probably a great book for a teenager (especially one thinking about eating vegetarian or one who just got detention for fighting), it’s a fun distraction for an adult, too.


One response to “Holy Cow, that was a fun book

  1. This looks great! I will definitely have to pick this one up in my spare (?) time.

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