Enjoy a heaping helping of ‘Seconds’

Remember those Calvin and Hobbes compendiums? Heavy books filled with years of comic strips?

SecondsThat’s what reading a graphic novel is like. I’d never read one before, but I enjoyed Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Seconds: A Graphic Novel. I chose this well-reviewed book to fulfill my 2015 PopSugar Reading Challenge, which includes reading a graphic novel.

Seconds is the story of Katie, a young chef trying to open a second restaurant while attempting to balance a love life. “Seconds” is the name of the first restaurant and also an allusion to second chances, which — thanks to a petulant apparition and some magic mushrooms — Katie takes more than her fair share of.

I wouldn’t recommend reading graphic novels as ebooks — I invested in the $25 hardcover edition of Seconds (I had a coupon!). Each panel is a tiny work of art worth savoring on paper. I found it interesting how the drawings eliminated all need for “she said,” “she sighed,” “she growled” clauses, but O’Malley still felt compelled to write “STARE” between two characters glaring at each other.

The story is a little bit fairy tale, but it’s perfect for the medium; younger readers might appreciate it even more than 48-year-old me.

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