A day in the life

Here’s a peek into the life of Minnesota Transplant in the past 24 hours. I …

  • Cried my heart out after viewing the series finale for Six Feet Under. Hailed by some as the best series finale ever, I would have to agree.
  • Practiced yoga on the … dock. It’s not a beach here, I guess. It’s a dock over the water. The sunrise looked so inviting this morning, rising as it does over the bay. A few upward-facing dogs and downward-facing dogs were just what the doctor ordered.
  • Assembled a mountain of paperwork for an important project, scanned it all and renamed each PDF. Tedious, horrible work. Now it’s just waiting to be sent off into the ether.
  • Reviewed my standby library presentation, “The ABCs of Photo Organization,” for delivery tomorrow. It’s such good stuff, it inspires me! I’ve got a plastic baggie full of thumb drives that ought to be labeled, and this lecture gets me thinking I need to go to work.
  • Roasted the most delicious pork tenderloin for supper. I love roasting peppers and few garlic cloves along side and then dumping the peppers, garlic and a little olive oil in a blender to create a yummy sauce to serve with the pork.
  • Got excited reading the morning paper. Oh, the sports section this time of year is so full of potential (and sunshine). It’s the season of spring training baseball, don’tcha know? The Twins are undefeated!

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