Good TV, bad TV and ugly TV

I was once addicted to television.

I grew up the daughter of a guy who sold TVs for a living. We always had the greatest TV in our living room. We didn’t go so far as to watch it during dinner, but let’s just say, there was no lack of television viewing in our house.

I remember spending many a Saturday afternoons watching reruns of Star Trek, In Search Of and Bionic Woman. Who stopped watching Saturday morning TV just because morning was over? And who needed to be outside in the middle of a Minnesota winter? Or the middle of summer for that matter?

There were also Sunday afternoons (Wonder Woman reruns) and Sunday nights (The Wonderful World of Disney), Tuesday nights (Happy Days)  and Friday nights (The Incredible Hulk, Dukes of Hazzard) and all the nights in between. I loved curling up in front of the boob tube.

I watch a lot less television as an adult. The quality if probably no worse, but I’ve found a lot more compelling ways to spend my time (can you say iPad Scrabble? And Facebook?).

Tonight, I’m watching the Oscars. TV about movies (navel gazing, anyone?). And fashion (more navel gazing).

But I’m still shaking my head over my Beloved’s latest binge-watching compulsion: The Sopranos.

No, I didn’t watch it when it was airing and collecting awards and kudos like no one’s business. And boy am I glad I didn’t.

I watched six seasons of The Sopranos over my Beloved shoulder for the past two weeks.

What garbage.

Sorry Sopranos fans.

I hated Tony Soprano and everything he stood for. Sure, James Gandolfini was awesome–he deserved whatever accolades he got because he actually found some humanity in a completely unlikable character. But I hated Tony and his woman-chasing, gun-wielding, flagrant-murdering arrogant self. Yuck. And all the other enabling or just plain mean, ridiculous characters? Why couldn’t creator David Chase funneled his talents into a more uplifting story?

And then the ending!

Do you know about the ending? The highly controversial ending that left viewers wondering if The Sopranos broke their TV sets? That ending? That was the ending I witnessed this morning. I knew it was coming (I peeked at Wikipedia), and when my Beloved turned to me with his mouth hanging open, asking “That was the end?” I couldn’t stop laughing. We took only two weeks getting to that 10 seconds of black screen. I can’t imagine was fans who had been watching for six years thought!

With weeks binge watching Big Love (which I liked) and The Sopranos behind me, I’m looking forward to some good television this week when The Voice and Survivor return to my weekly schedule.

Who needs scripted television when there’s reality TV, right?

One response to “Good TV, bad TV and ugly TV

  1. ……or, amazingly, NO TV!!!! OHY…

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