False alarms

Today was a day filled with small rock-my-world moments. These moments, if they are real, are the moments between Before and After.

Moment No. 1: My beautiful doggy lurched off my Beloved’s lap and stood paralyzed in the middle of the floor, not answering to our pleas of her name. It appeared to be one of those moments of pre-seizure aura, the quiet before the storm of a uncontrolled spasm.

Beautiful Chloe experienced a rash of seizures about nine months ago. Since she’s been on Kepra, she’s been seizure-free, but her doggy neurologist demands she be seizure-free for a year before weaning her off the medication. At this point, I just assumed she would continue to be seizure free.

Then, her weird behavior this morning.

She didn’t have a seizure. But in those few paralyzed moments before she shook it off, I flashed back to those awful seizures last spring.

Moment No. 2: After 11 months without my period, Aunt Flo paid me a visit today.


Regular readers know I’ve been counting the days until menopause (officially, it requires a year without menses). I have once again escaped entering this new phase of my life. What a surprise!

Moment No. 3: The power went out. The whole neighborhood was dark.

The uncommitted doomsday prepper in me imagined a world without electricity. Without supermarkets. Without police protection.

As I munched on my shrimp salad in the dark (my last opportunity to dine on hot food), the power came back on.

I thought the dog was about to have a seizure. Then she wasn’t.

I thought I was menopausal. Then I wasn’t.

I thought the world might be ending. Then it wasn’t.

Today’s rock-my-world moments were false alarms.

No need to worry. Just wait it out. These things, too, shall pass.

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