Better to shut up and eat it?

I am loathe to send food back to the kitchen when it’s wrong. I’m afraid of a spit condiment.

But we sent my Adored stepson’s burger back not once, but twice today. It wasn’t even right the third time. But we expected perfection for a $15.95 burger. We’re we expecting too much?

First time: Mushrooms and onions everywhere. Stepson ordered his burger without them.

Kitchen scraped them off and delivered burger again. One bite later, Stepson realized his burger was done well. He ordered medium rare.

We sent it back again, and 20 minutes later (!) he got a new burger, cooked perfectly. But lacking bacon. He ate it anyway.

The restaurant comped the burger and a beverage, too. The right move.

But after eating 3/4s of his sandwich, he noted the container of white sauce (presumably spiced mayo) that had come with the first two burgers was missing.

Or was it?

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