Foodies summoned: Another social media outlet

Because I need more exposure (yeah, right), I’m Instagraming my meals.

Social media is my hobby (well, I’m certainly not being paid for it!) and I’m pretty sure my friends’ Facebook feeds don’t need news of my consumption habits. But maybe the Instagram world has room for another amateur gourmand. Lunch is to Instagramers as fruit bowls are to still life artists.

Today’s lunch qualified: Carrot-Apple Soup (thank you, Southern Living, for including such recipes among tips for rearranging your mantel). Despite my Beloved protestations, he liked it. And it was gorgeous, a beautiful creamy coral, the perfect foil for the gray day outside.

I get a kick out of displaying my circular glasses, plates and bowls in Instagram’s squares. It’s like geometry, only fun. But even better, I want to share new and healthy flavors.

So if you’re interested in such nonsense, follow me (Monica Lee) on Instagram.

Bon appetit!


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