What your favorite Christmas cookie says about you

Thinking about Christmas cookies? Who isn’t?! (Well, if you’re celebrating Hanukkah, maybe you’re thinking of latkes, in which case, you may be excused). But I’m thinking of Christmas cookies, and if my Facebook Newsfeed is any indication, I’m not alone.

I’m sharing this brilliant piece from the archives because I think I’m so clever, and I think this bit was overlooked last year. Maybe everyone was busy baking instead of reading. Their loss. Don’t let it be yours.

Minnesota Wonderer

It’s the time of year flour, sugar and butter manufacturers live for: Christmas cookie baking season. Bakers across the country (and the world) celebrate the season by assembling different combinations of these three ingredients (plus an assortment of others) to tempt the rest of us into gaining Christmas pounds so we can resolve to lose them in January.

Your favorite Christmas cookie can reveal your personality, but before we look deep into your psyche, a definition is in order: Christmas cookies may have chocolate chips, but chocolate chip cookies are not Christmas cookies!As I have ranted in the past, Christmas cookies are special, once-a-year ordeals. They use special ingredients — like crushed candy canes or chocolate extract or dried cranberries or apricot jam. Or they come in special shapes — like spritz cookies or gingerbread men. Or they require complicated assembly, like sandwich cookies or red-hot-nosed reindeer cookies or those tedious…

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