Going nuts for Thanksgiving dessert


Let’s face it: The turkey at Thanksgiving is just a front for the pie.

I mean, you can’t serve a decadent pecan pie after a meal of peanut butter sandwiches. Or tomato soup. So you have to make a big show of roasting poultry, a protein you’d otherwise avoid unless you were dieting or a teenage fan of McNuggets. Add a few sides flavored with butter and/or cream of mushroom soup and boom, you have a holiday.

Honestly, I think Thanksgiving is short on cheese. It could use more cheese.

But pecan pie … well, all is redeemed by pecan pie.

(Like father, like daughter. Dad likes pecan pie, too.)

My mother-in-law makes a pecan pie worthy of the gods. It’s got lots of extra pecans in it, which is awesome, but the silky stuff those pecans are swimming in? It’s like caramel. Mm, topped with whipped cream? This is dessert worth fighting for.

Which is exactly what my Beloved and I are going to do over the single piece left in the fridge.

Hope your turkey was worthy of whatever desserts you had on your Thanksgiving table. Now onto America’s next all-consuming passion: Shopping for deals.


3 responses to “Going nuts for Thanksgiving dessert

  1. my favorite as well, also due to my dad!

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