First flakes

What difference a month makes.

We got our first snow today (technically, it started falling last night, but I ignored the flakes falling in my hair while I sat in the hot tub so we’re not counting that).

Here’s a look at my favorite backyard hickory tree one month ago and today:

It’s time to break out the parka and mittens.

Despite what the represent (months of icy noses and cold toes), the snow flakes were pretty as they fell this morning and alighted on the pine tree out front.

pine tree flakes

Like compartmentalized reality last night in the hot tub, I’m not going to think about how these flakes will be icy and dirty in six months. They were fluffy and pretty today.

One day at a time.


2 responses to “First flakes

  1. We had snow today, too, in S. AR. Can you believe that? I cannot! However, as you have, I have decided it did not really happen, since I did not see it, only heard of it from friends. 😉

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