The upside of ebola: It can turn a slob into a Lysol-brandishing traveler

I am so sick of hearing about ebola, I could bleed out of my eye sockets.

Just kidding, all right? It’s a joke, for crying out loud. We can’t even joke about it?

I think it’s all a bit overblown since the odds of my dying from the flu this season or being hit by a distracted driver who’s texting his besty about his weekend plans to score some ganja are a lot higher than my contracting ebola.

No one’s devoting 35% of every news hour to distracted driving, right? Oh, it doesn’t sell advertising? I see.

I think one of the worst things about ebola (besides the threat of death) is the loss of human interaction. “When you go a week without seeing a human face, that does something to you,” said Dr. Kent Brantly, the American medical missionary who recovered from ebola. “I didn’t have the touch of another human being’s skin till the time I was released from [the hospital].”

The lesson here: Let your dog lick your cheek and appreciate it now because you don’t know when you might catch ebola.

Still, when I ran across a story in this month’s Real Simple magazine titled, “How to Degerm a Hotel Room,” I ripped it out and starting assembling a travel bag of Lysol and disinfecting wipes. I’m traveling this week, and who needs to catch ebola from a hotel drinking glass, right?

I am normally not that traveler (sometimes I even leave the bedspread on the bed and — gasp! — sleep under it). Yeah, and I’m the one who sometimes clips my toenails in a hotel room. So there. Such a rebel.

But you know, exercising an abundance of caution seems in keeping with all the talking heads on the TV news. So I’ll adopt a little bit of clean freak attitude. What of it?

I also saw “Gone Girl” on Friday. I’m thinking about hiding the box cutters around here. You never know.


2 responses to “The upside of ebola: It can turn a slob into a Lysol-brandishing traveler

  1. You’re sick of hearing about ebola…how do think those of us living in Dallas feel??? Great post as usual!

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