Autumn transformation

The hickory tree in the back yard was one of the selling points of this house. All the houses on this side of the street butt up against a wetlands area, but only our house had mature trees on the lot. A lot of things have changed in seven years, including the trees that have grown up in the neighborhood, but I love our hickory tree best.

I know from past experience this tree that greets me every morning through my bathroom window while I stand in the tub brushing my teeth turns brilliant yellow before she sheds her leaves, so I’ve been taking pictures of her (almost) every day since Sept. 5, just so I could show you, too.

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Soon those golden beauties will be lawn carpet, but today they were lovely.

I’m not the only one who loves the hickory tree. The squirrels love it, too. It’s their playground (and dinner hall and hammock and love shack) all summer long. Here’s my favorite shot, with the squirrel nest in the upper left.


on my shoulders
makes me happy.”

~ John Denver

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