My mortification has been, um, rescheduled

Time to tie up a few loose ends and make a shameless plug for an upcoming appearance.

Regular readers will remember I was scheduled to perform in Mortified: Chicago in August. It’s the live diary reading thingy whatsy, remember? A grassroots storytelling forum for adults to share excerpts of the strange and embarrassing things they did as kids as a way to reveal stories about their lives? Yes, that thingy.

I talked about how excited I was to perform, and then, poof, I never mentioned it again. And Minnesota Transplant practically fell off the face of the earth in August and September. And then I mentioned a Very Bad Thing happened Aug. 2.

I never made it to the theater on that fateful day in August so I didn’t perform. The Very Bad Thing didn’t have anything to do with being mortified.

While my Beloved, my Adored Stepson and I were driving into the city that afternoon, we got one of those terrible phone calls that mark the moments in life of Everything Before and Everything After. My brother-in-law, my husband’s only sibling, had been involved in a serious accident and was in the emergency room at a nearby hospital. We immediately changed course and raced to meet my sister-in-law at the hospital, where we spent many, many hours and days over the following weeks.

I could write a book about the ups-and-downs of this experience but the news two-and-a-half months later is good: My brother-in-law survived and is recuperating. We are thankful and hopeful.

And (this blog is all about me after all) … my performance in Mortified: Chicago has been rescheduled. Yay! There are no life-or-death stakes in Mortified: Live (for the audience anyway). It’s all fun and goofiness. And I could use a little fun and goofiness.

The date’s set, and I’m performing Saturday, Dec. 6 at Lincoln Hall, 2424 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago. Tickets sell out fast, I’m told, so if you want to see this amazing aberration, order now. (Here’s the link to buy tickets if you can wedge it in your busy schedule.)

Not sure if this show is for you? Click on this link and scroll down to the video. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll become a part of you. It’s worth 112 seconds of your life. Enjoy!

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