Roasted fruit? Yes. Spinach? Sure. But never put a beet in your smoothie.


Roasted fruit is my latest smoothie obsession.

That, and spinach. Kale? Never again. But spinach? You can’t even taste it, especially when you toss a handful of spinach in a smoothie of roasted fruit. It requires an extra step, but it’s worth it.

[That reminds me of a sidebar: Kale ruins a smoothie pretty quick, but never, never mistake a leftover cooked beet for a good addition to a berry smoothie. It’s all purplish, right? Sneaky way to add a vegetable to one’s diet? No way. Horrible. You can taste the beet, and it does nothing to improve the flavor of a triple-berry smoothie. I didn’t take a picture of that one. Blech.]

The centerpiece of this morning’s breakfast-in-a-glass was roasted peaches and blackberries. How to? The night before, I cut a peach into eighths, added a handful of nearly moldy blackberries (roasting is a great way to salvage over-ripe fruit), sprinkled it all with a spoonful of brown sugar and roasted it in a 425-degree oven for 25 minutes. After cooling briefly, I dumped it all into a sandwich-sized Ziplock and put it in the freezer overnight. That’s the extra step — roasting.

This morning I emptied the bag into the blender and added spinach, plain yogurt, a few walnuts and about a half cup peach-flavored coconut water. It was sweet and delicious. Yummy.

2 responses to “Roasted fruit? Yes. Spinach? Sure. But never put a beet in your smoothie.

  1. I beg to differ about Kale, I think it’s FAB in a smoothie…the other morning I put some Arugula in mine and it was HORRIBLE! Just a heads up…if you don’t like Kale in smoothies, you’ll HATE Arugula…I only did it because they were the only greens I had left in the fridge. I’ll make sure that I don’t try beets!

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