What I did on my summer vacation

Autumn officially begins tomorrow (here in the United States’ Central time zone anyway). Summer is officially over, and I’m left sifting the grains of sand that were the days of summer through my tanned fingers.

Unfortunately, the ramifications of the Very Bad Thing that occurred Aug. 2 continue to hang over this household and, frankly, over this blog. My mind is often filled with thoughts and opinions related to the Very Bad Thing that are not yet ready for public consumption, so many days my blog is left lonely and neglected. I’m sorry, dear readers.

So as I reflect on the summer of 2014, I can’t imagine ever thinking of it as anything other than the summer the Very Bad Thing happened. But maybe I’m still too close to it to have any real perspective. For today, the last day of summer, I’ll reflect on a few other events of the summer.

For example, I overcame a challenge that required me to draw on skills I possess only in small amounts — nursing. I did OK, and so did the patient, who’s in better condition than he was when summer officially began three months ago.

I also celebrated a big milestone with my parents in June when they observed their 50th wedding anniversary. My sister and I had an awesome little party for them, and fun was had by all.

Despite pretty much ignoring the garden, I enjoyed a lot of yummy meals from the infrequent harvests — rhubarb crisp, mulberry smoothies, tomatoe-y pizzas and quiches — and not a single kale smoothie. Today, we savored cream cheese-stuffed smoked jalapeño peppers, made with hotties grown in our little plot of soil. Delicious!

We didn’t travel much this summer (we’ll remedy that this fall), but we did make it to Minnesota to pick up a new (to us) camper and use it a couple of times in pleasant places in Wisconsin. Did I tell you we sold the 1983 Pace Arrow? Ah, yes, I did. The new camper feels like the Taj Mahal in comparison, but let’s be real here — the Pace Arrow was30 years old. We even have dreams of taking the new camper to Florida for the winter (maybe, maybe not — don’t tell Old Man Winter — he’d just spoil things).

Writing? Oh that. I claim to be a writer, and I can’t boast of any new books this year. Well, I did finish the draft of one manuscript (it needs a rewrite, I’ve decided) and outlined another. The new concept is quite exciting, actually, and has something to do with one of my biggest accomplishments this summer — I’ve lost 20 pounds. It came at the price of lifting weights (I hate lifting weights), but I derive an inordinate amount of satisfaction from the results. I have biceps now — biceps you can see. Well, when I flex, you can see them. You get my point I hope. A 47-year-old has to bask in the reflection of her biceps, else her wrinkles overshadow them.

In any case, the summer wasn’t a total loss. It was, in fact, filled with a lot of pleasant moments.

On to autumn.

2 responses to “What I did on my summer vacation

  1. I’m sorry to hear you had to go through another “very bad thing”, but I know you are strong and will make it through. I look forward to reading more, especially the new book!

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