Effervescent dreams

Autumn brings cooler temperatures and more opportunities to lounge in the hot tub. Every time we don our swimwear and spend some time lounging in the bubbly, we do what frugal Minnesotans do when they save money — we relish the amazing deal our hot tub has been, lo, these past three years. For your enjoyment, I redirect you to the Story of the $200 Hot Tub…

Minnesota Wonderer

Visions of a hot tub have filled my Beloved’s dreams the past few months.

I have been Switzerland on the subject. Sure, lounging in a hot tub is lovely. But not so lovely that I’m willing to spend the money and perform the maintenance required.

When Tyler asked me point-blank if I thought we should get a hot tub, I said, “I have no opinion. That’s up to you. You know how much money we have and how much you would enjoy it, so I’m not taking a position.”

Then it was amusing to watch the consummate salesman sell himself on a hot tub. “I think we would use it a lot.” “There’s a spot on the patio for it.” “We wouldn’t need a gazebo for it if we have a cover.” “I know how to install it.”

After looking at a number of hot tubs on Craig’s List, his…

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