The glass of summer is two-thirds full

July was beautiful this year, and by beautiful I mean pleasant, mild … tolerable.

Some Julys around here are positively hellish — feverishly hot and humid. But thanks to global climate change, Illinois enjoyed nice, open-window weather instead of drought and wildfires.

I’m grateful.

But yesterday, on the last day of the month, the season I was ruing wasn’t summer, it was road construction (surely you’ve heard that joke? Minnesota has two seasons? Winter and road construction?). It’s not quite that bad in Illinois (we actually get to enjoy spring and autumn for more than a weekend), but road constructions around here is ubiquitous this year.

Some people place the blame for the deteriorating roadways on last winter’s harsh conditions, but I blame the improving economy. Apparently every governmental entity withing 75 miles is spending tax money on asphalt.

I visited three clients this week (one of them twice), and I put nearly 300 miles on my car in three days. Boy, am I glad I don’t have to do that every day. More than once, I stopped in standstill traffic on the interstate.

I would have preferred to be enjoying the beautiful weather.


I heard an interview on my car radio with Michael J. Fox that reminded me to be full of gratitude instead of frustration. The TV and movie star with Parkinson’s said bad conditions aren’t always bad, and good ones aren’t always as good as they seem, and he explained how he has a lot more time for his children in his current condition than he might have if he had never gotten Parkinson’s.

So I tried to remind myself yesterday I could do both. Enjoy the nice weather while pausing in traffic.

Instead of “argh!” it was “ahh.”

And I remind myself of this, too: We have a whole month of summer left.

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