Toe-may-toe, ta-mah-toe

I was using my “gleepers” this evening to grasp a piping hot cob of corn from the steamer, and I thought to myself: “I need to add that to the list of things to pack in the new camper.” It reminded me of this post from a couple years ago…

Minnesota Wonderer

Every family has nicknames for some things.

In my family, it’s the tongs. I don’t call them tongs, those things with which you grab hot dogs off the grill. Nosiree, in my family, we call ’em “gleepers.”

It’s my mother’s word, gleepers. I’m sure you won’t find it in the dictionary, this word for “grabbing implement,” but you know what I mean, don’t you?

Tongs? That’s too easily confused with thongs. And what are thongs anyway? They’re either flip-flops or unmentionable women’s butt floss, and in either case, you don’t want your tongs confused with your thongs.

Gleepers. Definitely better.

My husband says we need new gleepers for the RV. Alrighty then, I’ll put them on the list, honey:


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One response to “Toe-may-toe, ta-mah-toe

  1. I have to tell you I finally looked up the meaning of the word gleeper and it is someone who steals things so I have been using it incorrectly all these years…too soon old and too late smart! Sorry about that!

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