Gratitude … lint filter and all

Today I’m grateful for my clothes dryer.

I know I was waxing nostalgic for an old-fashioned clothes line only a few weeks ago, but my clothes dryer was operational then and a clothes line was just a fanciful alternative.

The clothes dryer went kaput last week, and suddenly, my laundry routine was paralyzed. Tragedy!

The Adored Stepson took the dryer apart and discovered the belt had broken. And then he left for the weekend to celebrate his birthday. And me, with loads of dirty clothes and no modern way to dry them!

The inside of a clothes dryer is weird. It’s really quite empty. The hulk of the dryer drum sat atop the dismantled housing mocking me every time I walked by.

Finally, the UPS man arrived with the replacement belt (we buy everything on Amazon around here). Stepson was AWOL, and my Beloved, semi-incapacitated, was not able to perform the necessary repairs by himself.

So I had to help.

Which I did cheerfully, even though I am anything but handy around wrenches and hex screws. Because I wanted to do the laundry! Imagine that! Me! Wanting to do housework!

We accomplished the repairs and, delightfully, the dryer whirred back to its warm and airy life.

So often in my modern life unhampered by stones and rivers and clothes pins and ironing boards, I resent doing laundry. But today, I cheerfully washed my sheets because my fully operational washer and dryer made it so easy.




One response to “Gratitude … lint filter and all

  1. I figured it out finally–this incomprehensible I-pad! I feel as accomplished as you must feel after helping repair your drier!

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